Mrs. Seymour and Mrs. Hobrock

Mrs. Emily Seymour has taught kindergarten at Triopia Schools since 2010.  She teaches her students with incredible passion and energy!  She is an animated educator who is always on her feet; encouraging her students to learn by singing songs, rhymes, and through her enthusiasm!  Her students continually perform well on the KIDS (Kindergarten Individual Development Survey) observational tool and she deserves so much of the credit!  Her students grow significantly, and through her kindergarten instruction are ready for the next steps that come after.  Mrs. Seymour is a giant piece of what makes Triopia such a great place for students to grow.  We are blessed to have her and are thankful for her dedication to our kids!

Emily will be spotlighted in the Jacksonville Journal Courier this weekend in their Feature a Teacher section.  

Congratulations Mrs. Seymour!  We are grateful to have you as part of our team at Triopia!