It's OK not to be OK

During these unprecedented and often frustrating times, Triopia wants to remind our parents and that Mrs. Surratt, our School Counselor, is available to help!

Common social, emotional, and academic issues that our students are experiencing could include: abrupt cut-off of social life, turmoil at home, end-of-year ceremonies (prom, graduation, field day, class trips, concerts) unknowns, social isolation, food scarcity, parental unemployment, pandemic worries, cancellation of athletic seasons, boredom, frustration of not understanding school work/expectations, support systems disabled, and absence of consistent and expected schedules.

We need to let each other and our students know that, it’s OK, not to be OK, especially right now! Students that normally thrive at school or home, might be experiencing some issues for the first time.

If you or your student want to reach out to Mrs. Surratt for support, advice, or a listening ear, please see this attachment for how to.