We have had reports of head lice at Triopia Grade School.  Head lice can be common in school settings due to close contact of children.  If you child does get lice, please call the school so we can check the entire class.

After a report last night, we took more precautions today and had students that share lockers put all their belongings in trash bags so nothing is touching.  Head lice is very contagious.  To minimize the risk or repeated outbreaks, remind your children not to share items such as combs, brushes, scarves, hats, headphones, etc. 

Head lice can also survive for about half a day without a human host and cannot live on family pets.  Please see the document below that explain detection, treatment and prevention in more detail.  If you have further questions, please contact Mrs. Hobrock.

Head Lice: Detection, Prevention and Treatment