School Board Members Day

November 15 will mark the official statewide observance of School Board Members Day in
Illinois. The honorary day is an opportunity for the district and community to show support
for your board of education and their commitment to providing a local voice for your
educational vision.

Board members craft a vision and mission that reflects the desires expressed by community
parents and residents. Their role is a way to create lasting educational opportunities that
reflect local desires and put in place a pathway to success for each and every child.
School board members serve the public as unpaid volunteers for the benefit of the students
and community residents. They are the front-line advocates that provide a local voice and
vision for the district.

Board members dedicate a significant amount of their own personal time to the district,
something that is often overlooked. They attend extracurricular events, participate in
professional development opportunities, and work long hours to ensure students have
access to the educational resources they need to succeed. This dedication often takes them
away from time that could be spent with their own family.

Successful communities have high quality public schools which equates to a thriving local
economy and a destination community for families. A great school system is a source of
local pride among residents. The leadership and vision exemplified by board members
directly impacts not only the school district, it touches the lives of nearly every resident in
one way or another.

November 15 has been designated as School Board Members Day in Illinois. Leadership for
our community and our schools begins with the tireless work of the local board of education.
Help recognize the efforts of local school board members on this honorary day.  

Thank you to Jim Beck, David Bunfill, Keith Fricke, Cindy Littleton, Ben McCoy, Tracie Sayre, and Tabatha Stambaugh for your service to our students, staff, and community!