Josh - Laura

An educator is one who challenges, supports, and empathizes with students on a daily basis. Mrs. Laura Burrus does just that. She is an educator who gets to know her students first and foremost and is always challenging them to be better. Mrs. Burrus is one who will always offer extra help by coming in early or staying late at her students request. She is a selfless educator who gets involved wherever it is necessary to benefit students. She is a sponsor for the senior class and high school student council. There is no question that Mrs. Burrus is an asset to our students, district, and community. 

Laura will be spotlighted in the JJC on Sunday, October 27 in their Feature a Teacher section.  Mrs. Burrus is currently a Math teacher at the Jr. Sr. High School.

Congratulations Mrs. Burrus!  We are blessed to have you at Triopia!