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The Triopia Administration received a letter to thank individuals for their remarkable impact on the Girls on the Run program this year.  The program would not be possible without the volunteers who dedicate their time to it!  Triopia is pleased to recognize this years staff: Coaches Elisha Lonergan, Megan Scott, Amy Pahlmann, Amanda Lynn, Amanda Ruppel and Brianna Harmon, along with Practice Partners Laura Skultety and Emily Seymour.  They all served as positive and caring role models as they led girls through lessons that fostered the development of essential life skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness.

We are grateful to Elisha, Megan, Amy, Amanda, Amanda, Brianna, Laura and Emily for their dedication to the program and for the Triopia Board of Education and Administration for fostering a school culture in which after school enrichment is valued! We thank the teachers and school staff that are willing to give their personal time to students and help give the message to all children that they matter!  

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