Upcoming Health/Life Safety Projects

The Triopia Board of Education has approved the following Health/Life Safety projects for the Summer of 2015: Overlay of existing EPDM flat roofs Overlay of existing gym metal roof with EPDM/TPO membrane Asbestos abatement of ceiling tiles, floor tiles, plaster ceilings, piping elbow insulation Installation of new suspended ceilings, lighting, floor tiles, and plaster ceilings Upgrade of . . .

Apr 16, 2015

NED visited TGS

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The NED Show is a character education program that centers around three important messages that have life long relevance:  Never give up Encourage others Do your best NED came to Triopia Grade School on Friday, April 24 to share his messages with the students.  NED talked about positive attitudes and . . .

Apr 24, 2015

PK - Clothing Unit

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Throughout the month of February, Pre-K worked on a Clothing Study.  Each week they answered a question, that they generated at the beginning of the study, to guide their learning.  One week they wanted to answer the question "Where do clothes come from?"  We learned that clothes can come from . . .

Mar 25, 2015